Barbi Goulding Parr

Education Support Partnership

A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Barbi has enjoyed an expansive career, including secondary headships, the development of new schools and academies, academy chain leadership, principal adviser on school structure and design and island wide school improvement partner. She has worked with education foundations in the USA on 21st Century pedagogy, was awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship for choral conducting, has represented her country in international festivals and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Currently she provides leadership support across all phases and sectors of education and has a profound belief in the importance of staff support to ensure success.

Session Details

Transforming staff well-being in schools supporting individual resilience and enhancing performance

Workshop Room 2: 12.00pm - 12.40pm

People Who Feel Good Perform Well (Charles Handy).

Schools are facing unprecedented cuts in funding, the seemingly unceasing pressure of workload and major issues in recruitment and retention. Schools that retain their effective staff and attract good candidates, whilst also supporting a culture of staff well-being and promoting strategies to support individual staff, are far more likely to achieve their goals. Barbi Goulding-Parr provides some valuable insights into how the Education Support Partnership is helping schools and individual members of staff to survive and more importantly to thrive.

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